Capital Events Sustainable Development Policy

 Date: 10/03/2020

Capital Events LLC is a government owned business, a part of the ADNEC Group, specialising in the management of events across a variety of business sectors.


Our core values are Work Together, Strive for Excellence, Create and Innovate and be Passionate about what we do. Under these values, we are committed to lead by example in organising sustainable events that satisfy all stakeholders and operate within all relevant regulatory frameworks.


Our commitments in improving our sustainability are:

  • Continual improvement of the event sustainability management system
  • Provide a framework for setting sustainable development objectives
  • Governing sustainable development principles within the organization in the different locations.
  • Compliance with the applicable legal and other requirements
  • Consider the supply chain organizations (product, facility and service providers), the event management cycle, from event planning through to execution, and post event activities.
  • Engaging with the interested parties who run their businesses with sustainability as an important consideration.
  • Supporting our exhibitors and sponsors to become more sustainable.
  • Taking into consideration the needs of our stakeholders including the end users and the wider community in all that we do.


ADNEC recognizes that the continued success of its developments is dependent upon commitment to the Event Sustainability Management System requirements and all those who endeavor to carry it out. We understand that our interested parties are who we serve and depend upon for our company’s continued financial success.

The Event Sustainability Policy will be brought to the attention of all employees and will be made available on the website of each of our individual events.